The Art of The Beard

The Art of The Beard

Step 1, the clean shave

Way back when in the autumn of 2012 during my previous incarnation as an office jockey I agreed to participate in a company-wide Movember challenge. Having had various versions of sidies, mutton chops and chin fuzz styles pretty much since puberty it was a strange feeling to be completely clean shaven, and of course it was a nippy 1st of November to greet my freshly exposed chin so artificial warmth was required.

Step 2, the tash

A successful month of top lip caterpillar growing saw me crowned best moustache in the office. Now as all my colleagues reached for the Gillette and shaving foam yours truly decided to push on with the below the nose soup strainer to well past Christmas.

Step 3, the beard

What followed was arguably down to a period of laziness and boredom of still shaving and maintaining the tash so the rest of the face was allowed to catch up and a trimmed beard, probably best described as long stubble was the order of the day for the next year or so.

Step 4, the full beard

Now the most common question I get is how long did that take? And the most popular comment from those still sporting the designer stubble is ‘it gets itchy’. The answers are related, you need to push through the itchy stage and after about 2 years I achieved full beard. The secret to getting through this stage is beard oil, it helps with the itching and conditions the beard & skin, my beard oil of choice is Captain Fawcett’s.

Step 5, and nothing but the beard

Grooming is the key, as is embracing what sort of beard your beard wants to be, no point trying to force it to grow & style in a way it doesn’t want to naturally. Finding a good barber’s shop was a challenge as most wanted to do what they wanted to do style & cut wise not necessarily what was asked. Having found a good one it’s a visit every 4-6 weeks. Daily care has moved from beard oil to beard balm, again from Captain Fawcett’s, which is somewhere in-between the beard oil and a full moustache wax (which I found too hard to work with when trying the twiddly tash look) and a moustache comb to try and keep things under control.

Beard Achievements

Numerous instances of beard icicles on winter rides.

Spot prize for best beard @ PMBA Kirroughtree enduro 2015

Pi55ing off the groom at my mates wedding when she announced my beard was mightier than his during the speeches!



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